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Creative graphic design attracts the eye, communicates a solid message that influences and inspires, improving your organisation or brand awareness.
Our graphic design consultants provide professional photography plus full photo manipulation, including air brushing, retouching of images & art work
Due to our green Eco design ethics SMA design were approached by Alternative Fuels (RDF, Refuse Derived Fuel Company) to deliver a high quality and creative graphic design solution.
Graphic design, Interior Design & Branding for the Girlguiding UK’s Head Quarters building - ICANDO Centre.
Graphic design - advertisement for Museum & Heritage handbook, converted to PDF email version for marketing.
Our team of graphic designers guides you through each step to advance your corporate logo, brand or image.
Our museum graphic designers produce eye catching graphic design for museums, exhibitions and visitor centres, printed on eco friendly materials.
EBAC – Geneva and Dubai Aviation Convention this exhibition design concealed valuable storage space within the sliding graphic walls.

Graphic design

the difference is in the detail

SMA design are creative graphic design consultants that build innovative striking designs and branding solutions.

By developing new graphic styles, we attract the eye to convey solid messages that influence and inspires. The actual core of superior design is good communication.

Due to our diverse client list from international museums, corporate, (SME) small and medium-sized enterprises. SMA design have not been locked into the box way of thinking.

In a team atmosphere, we support companies and corporate organisations to achieve success through innovative & intelligent design and branding.

With imagination and flair we create graphic design & corporate branding solutions that convey aesthetics, function and flexibility.

To deliver this promise our graphic designers meet with clients to understand their goals, design brief, intent & budget.

From initial concept to implementation, our passion and attention to detail produce engaging graphics that come to life and realise the client’s expectation within time and budget.

If you have a design project you would like to discuss, just ask our team who will happy to advise and assist you.

Excellence in design, client satisfaction and audience engagement is assured.



motivate, focus, engage,

connect, relate, inspire, excite and memorable.


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